Copy of Curvature Adapter Rings (Pair of 2)

Copy of Curvature Adapter Rings (Pair of 2)

Does your hull have curvature? These adapter rings were designed to change the profile of the suction cups to handle convex curvature in your hull. Works great for many Malibu, Moomba, Supra, and Sanger hulls that bow out on the sides. 

Order this Pair of Curvature Adapter Rings with your Pro Shaper, and your shaper will come with the rings already installed.  If you are purchasing separately, here are some installation instructions (which also come packaged with the product):

Each ring goes in between the main shaper body and the rubber plunger. Here are 3 views of the Curvature Adapter Rings correctly installed::

They can be installed using either of these methods:

  • Removing the rubber plungers from their aluminum housings then reassembling the suction cups with the adapter rings in the correct spot
  • Leaving the suction cups assembled, and working the rings into position by bending the rubber plungers around the rings.

Be sure that the tabs are facing each other in between the suction cups. Also be sure that the flat surface of the adapter ring rests up against the base of the shaper frame, and the curved surface of the adapter ring rests up against the rubber plunger. You should see a curve in the rubber plungers as shown in the middle picture above after they have been installed.